Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Guardians of the Galaxy is not necessarily a total failure – it’s just a film doomed to wade in the larger narrative ambitions of it’s parent company and as such feels like an inconsequential piece of filmmaking. 

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

What is there left to be said about a superhero movie in an age where seemingly every day sees a new release and a new announcement? Going right to the start of this modern age of Super-films it begins with the first in the X-franchise. Since that fateful day way back in 2000, there have …

Short Thoughts: Week 1

Congratulations, your troublesome journey through the stagnant backwaters of the modern day blogosphere has led you to the first ever ‘Short Thoughts’! The once-a-wednesday odyssey, ripe with drama, animation, and short film splenditude. Each week we’ll peruse the blanketed aisles of the information superstore to bring you new favourites, old classics, and hidden treasures. Short …

Tupac: Resurrection (2003)

Regardless of your stance on Tupac Shakur or Hip-Hop as a whole, Tupac: Resurrection is an illuminating, affecting documentary that does a great job of alleviating preconceptions, highlighting a multifaceted personality and the tragic loss of one the most charismatic, beautiful souls to have ever walked this Earth.

Ride Along (2014)

My love of Hip-Hop has been documented here before and although if hard pressed, I’d have to choose the East Coast (Biggie! Pun! Wu-Tang! Beastie Boys!), I still love me some of that West Coast business. N.W.A affiliate and true West Coast OG Ice Cube is a key figure in that scene and in the …

Oldboy (2013)

  The original Oldboy is a perennial favourite of mine. A dark, unsettling journey, taut and visceral. I was sceptical as the announcement of the inevitable US remake came out and as the time grew closer and reviews arrived, it seemed my fears were not misplaced. The word was out and the word was bad.

Nebraska (2013)

Alexander Payne makes a very specific kind of movie. The majority, not all, are road movies, but beyond that it’s the breezy way he depicts American life that makes a Payne a Payne. Nebraska may just be the most Payne.

Nurse 3D (2013)

My tolerance for schlock is high, I think there is an art to a gratifyingly gratuitous film. I also think that there is a very fine scale when in this territory between creating an entertaining picture or a bland, useless one. Nurse 3D manages to succeed in being so self knowingly brutal that it loses …