Young Ones – Trailer Talk

Another day, another trailer!

No, it’s not the subversive British Sitcom starring the late Rik Mayall, but rather something of a spiritual sequel/sidequel to The Rover. Replace an economic crash with a worldwide drought, Guy Pearce for Michael Shannon and Robert Pattinson for Nicolas Hoult and vóila – Young Ones.

Set in a similar post-almost-Apocalyptic super sandy wasteland to The Rover, we follow Shannon and his son and daughter, played by Kodi Smit McPhee and Elle Fanning respectively, as they traverse the desolate landscape in search of some hydration. As always, a mysterious figure arrives with big plans and ultimately throws a spanner in the works. The trailer is kind of shifty in the way it feeds us this information and it’s never really clear what Hoult’s character is up to but if it was, why see the movie, eh?

Mix in a robot donkey and, some trippy visuals and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a visually arresting delicately acted, sociologically relevant indie drama. I;m thinking this one could be a belter.

Exciteometer-5 Small

– Oliver Drew



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