Maps to the Stars – Trailer Talk

We here at (Y) are gearing up for some big changes over the coming weeks but we don’t want to scare our adoring fans away, so we’ll start small. The Trailer Talk Tuesdays format you know and love is morphing into an even more loveable, week-daily fix. That’s right, trailers everyday!

Maps to the Stars. Releasing Sept 26th (UK)

David Cronenberg remains both one of my biggest influences and a filmmaker who often leaves me cold and bemused. His early work is schlocky but underpins the grotesque horrors of his later, classic works. Then there are the films like Crash which veer far too deep into the unsavoury for even this blood fiend.

His modern day pictures have become typified by the concern with the metamorphosis of the mind rather than the body and the lengths one can push themselves to in order to transcend the natural orders of the flesh. So far, these more esoterically themed pictures have left me disillusioned, waiting for that fabled “return to form”.

This is not to say these films are bad in any way, on the contrary. They just don’t belong to the Cronenberg that I know and love. Which brings us to his latest offering, Maps to the Stars – another puzzling prospect governed by the twin forces of fanboy dribbling and trepidation.

A Trailer Talk first, I have two trailers for you today, for the same film, both of which display a totally different storyline running within thew film, which is well, weird. The first sees Julianne Moore’s ageing actress deal with the fact that her parts are being taken by a younger, prettier actress. A call back perhaps, hopefully, to those Cronenbergian neuroses of yore.

The second follows that very same actress as she deals with the reappearance of her long presumed dead daughter, who applies to be her assistant. This strand to me suggests that we are in for some Lynchian head trippers, aided by the Mulholland Drive-esque Hollywood setting. Cause for celebration if ever there was any.

A very solid cast sees perennial auteur collector Moore join with Cronenberg’s new muses Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon along with John Cusack who seems to be melting and Indie weirdress Mia Wasikowska. The ying-yang vibe of fear and joy prevents me from lending this one a 5 but I could never give Cronenberg a 3 so I’m put this down for a cautiously optimistic 4. Let us hope and pray.

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