Trailer Talk Tuesday – 05/08/14

After Comic Con a couple of weeks back, I’ve been inundated with great trailers and whaddayaknow, they aren’t all caped-franchise-bait! Let’s hop to it!

Exciteometer-1 SmallIn a week over encumbered with quality this is the sole turkey, and boy does it stand out. The mental institution is a setting rife with potential drama but is double-edged in it’s qualities. As much as it lends itself to psychological intrigue it is equally at home with thick slices of ham, seasoned with vast portions of cliché.

Stonehearst Asylum deals with Jim Sturgess’ recent med school grad Edward Newgate as he seeks employment at the titular spooky Victorian asylum. Ben Kingsley (who is starting to use his acting prowess for evil) runs the place and gives him the job but, par for the course, all is not as it seems. A fact which the trailer is all to eager to give away.

Twists can restrict a tim to a once-viewed experience, after all what is the fun in asking the questions when you already know the answers? But the filmmakers behind Asylum seemingly don’t give a shit and lift the lid of it in the trailer! Michael Caine is the warden, Kingsley an inmate and uh, whatever. This trailer waves it’s flag early on and it reads “please didn’t watch me”.

Thanks trailer, I won’t.

Exciteometer-3 SmallIt’s been a while since I’ve paid attention to what’s hip and happening over at Adult Swim, maybe my attention span improved, maybe them changing the name of Aqua Teen Hunger Force put me off, all I know is that Mike Tyson Mysteries is threatening to pull me right back in.

Following the conventional Adult Swim set up, the show follows a band of incongruous crime fighters alá the gang from Scooby Doo as they, yup, solve mysteries. This gang just happens to be led by Mike Tyson (voiced by.. Mike Tyson!), his adopted Korean daughter, the Marquess of Queensberrry, and his talking pigeon, Pigeon.

Mike Tyson is one the most frightening and intriguing figures in sports culture and any other for that matter and his willingness to poke fun at himself combined with the frenetic way they do things at Adult Swim bodes very well indeed.

Exciteometer-4 Small

Nic Cage. Is there anyone better than Nic Cage? Answer? Yes, nineteen nineties, peak of his power Nic Cage. His star has fallen of late thanks to understood performances in overly serious action movies, when everyone just wants him to rant and scream like a luny. But, things could have been different.

Yes the Cagemeister™ was very, very close to being ultimate superhero, Superman and documentary The Death of Superman Lives seeks to offer the compelling, never before told story of just how close he got and how it all fell apart.

I don’t know how I can sell that any more, Nic Cage as Superman. The world could be so different…

Exciteometer-4 Small

In the few weeks I’ve been doing this, I’ve learned that a good trailer always keeps it’s card close to it’s chest. Nightcrawler is one such trailer and in doing so, ups the intrigue and the percentage chance that I’ll end up seeing the movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal leads as a gaunt, beady eyed loon, out to get himself a job. The trailer however shows a more exciting story than this. But, the link between speedy cars, gruesome accidents and Gyllenhaal’s job search are never unearthed, leaving questions unanswered and the sweet smell of mystery in the air.

Gyllenhaal looks as animated as I’ve every seen him, skinny, crazed and driven in his plight for success. I’ve high hopes for this one.

Exciteometer-5 Small

The last time Kevin Smith stepped out of his hallowed nerd-comedy world to explore something darker, we got one of the best films of his admittedly mixed, but no-less gem filled career in Red State.

Tusk, Smith’s first film since Red State and first in 3 years since announcing and then changing his mind on retirement, promises perhaps an even darker journey. Inspired by a hoax posting in an English newspaper, it follows the tale of a lonely old man looking for companionship and as always, there’s a catch.

It seems the old geezer, a sailor by trade, once had his life saved by a walrus and has since developed a seriously unhealthy relationship with the animals. Unsuspecting podcaster Justin Long seeks out the story and ends up on the operating table, about to be transformed into a tusked companion for the lonely sailor.

Red State’s Michael Parks returns as the villain, which is great because he crushed it in that film as a zealot beyond zealotry and is seemingly trying to one up himself in the creepy stakes. Smith proved with Red State that his has a gift in conjuring an air of menace and here he too may just be on the way to one upping himself.

Well, Stonehearst Asylum aside, I’d say that’s just about the best bunch of trailers we’ve had so far. Boy am I excited for these movies. I may go lay down.

– Ollie Drew



2 thoughts

  1. the asylum thing looks like warmed-up Shutter Island and an easy payday for Kingsley and Caine. I saw the Tusk trailer last week and it looks like it might be the sleeper/cult hit of the autumn season. As for gyllenhaal: what the hell? are you sure it’s him and not a weird, gaunt replica of him that the alien spiders left in his place? 🙂 Oh, and the superman thing looks great: i notice nic cage is not in the trailer – is he in the documentary?

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