One of One: One a Day

‘One of One’ is a short film, currently in it’s pre-production stages. It follows the journey of a mad scientist and his wise-cracking robot pal, as they confront their shaded history in the wake of a self-initated apocalypse. What you are about to read is the production diary for the project, and we hope you enjoy it! (At the moment we’re making a destroyed city for a backdrop, oo-err)

Today has been a productive one in the ‘One of One’ universe (albeit a little tiring) and as my eyes start to melt off and into my lap, and I start to bleed from my my ears, I get the funny feeling that I should probably keep this brief; so I shall.

We now have (probably) the bare minimum building count to start populating the horizon line, which is such a huge milestone I feel like crying. I may well do a few more at a later date, but for the time being this will certainly do the trick, and it leaves me to do some far more interesting stuff with my time, which I’m more than grateful for!

Here they are, all in a row, looking rather sheepish.

acene 12

Obviously there’s the possibility that this still might not make the grade. The city might look obviously duplicated, and that would certainly remain the case if I didn’t rotate or scale any of the buildings. If that isn’t enough to do the trick, however, I’m happy to say for once I’m prepared, and have an ace or two up my sleeve. The most obvious (and most boring) of these involves tweaking the hue/saturation of a couple of buildings here and there, which is a subtle approach, but might just be enough. If it isn’t, however, the less obvious (and more exciting) route is something a little more destructive. I’m going to dismantle the buildings, splitting the meshes and creating more rubble like structures (although I’ll likely create some standalone models for that anyway), leaving a nice splintered skyline for Hannes to weep over.

Other than getting these buildings done though, I’ve been thinking a little about colour and how I want the city to to look in terms of it’s hue. I think it’s important we leave it looking fairly desaturated, and perhaps a little monochromatic; nothing says post-apocalyptic wasteland like a splash of green and yellow so I imagine that’s the way we’ll be moving (although blue could do the trick) Either way it’s got to compliment the foreground, which will remain mainly blue/orange (probably) to add a bit of contrast. I DID do an experiment where I added a disgusting yellow tinge to the scene, but it’s too crap to show you, so I won’t!

From then til now, however, I’ve been having a little play around with making this crater I keep banging on about. I’ve got the base texture looking fairly tidy (although I’ve yet to apply any bump/displacement maps so it’s still a bit flat), and I’m quite happy with that because, frankly, I thought it would kill me. I’ve still got a lot to do, and It’s in the earliest possible stages, but I’ve provided a screenshot below to give you a taste of where we’re heading. I’m going to be adding some sewage pipes, a waterfall spewing all kids of revolting liquid, the open crevice of an underground train station; not to mention a few buildings and vehicles. At the moment I’ve also put an awful attempt at some nuclear waste at the bottom of the pit (which will be much improved upon, I promise)

Here it is all flat

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 20.14.19

And here it is looking very crappy, but a little more curvacious.


Anyway, that’s about our lot I’m afraid! Hope you enjoyed reading, and if you did, make sure to subscribe! We’d love you forever and a day.

If, however, you’d rather chat us up (and I wouldn’t blame you), drop us a comment in the box below, and I’ll get Ollie to flirt with you for a bit. (or an hour)

Lots of love, and thanks for reading,


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