One of One: One a Day

Welcome to Week 2 of ‘One of One, One a Day’, the once-a-workday production blog that’s so good, it’ll make your hair fall out in clumps! Yes, I’m back to talk more shop, getting you up-to-date with the development of our up-and-coming short film, ‘One of One’. I’m bloody excited, so let’s get cookin’.

Last week was geared mainly towards getting some modelling done for our huge destroyed city (complete with one very big hole) and this week is probably going to be much of the same. I’m hoping by the end of the week all 20 buildings will be ready to go, and I’ll be able to start work on some much more interesting stuff (like a plane, a nuke, some bad-ass signage and great big crater to dump it all in). BUT before one can play hard, one must wade through the drudgery, the pain, and the emotional bog that is building design; a job that is becoming increasingly tedious, albeit a tad more streamlined.

So, what have I made today? Well, a total of 7 new buildings, all nicely unwrapped; PLUS I’ve actually gone and textured three of them.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 16.37.48

Admittedly, I could have done more today, but sleep deprivation is nobody’s friend when doing this kind of work, and my heavy eyelids have been laughing at me all afternoon. Enough with the excuses, though, I know what you’re all dying to ask; ‘where those hot pics at?!?!’ And I have the answer; Here’s where they’re at! Feast those mince-pies on the newest editions to the family.

scene 7

So I guess this building on the right was one of the more plush executive offices in the city, where some fat-cat traders once hung out and did their plotting. You might be able to see that I was (a tiny bit) more adventurous on the polygonal structure of these buildings, as the render time didn’t seem to be affected too badly and I was finding the previous models a little flat. I’m particularly happy with the way this right-hand building turned out, as it was a pain in the ass to unwrap.

scene 8

This building on your left, I suppose, must’ve been more residential; overflowing with flats and domestics and snooping neighbours. I decided for this one, as well as the one in the middle, that I’d apply some red brick textures (cos you can’t get enough of that cinderblock swag)

scene 9

This building in the middle I imagine to be the office building for the local council, or the Citizens Advice Bureau or something equally exciting! I wanted to start making a couple of shorter buildings, because the demographic was getting a bit one-sided on the height front, and it adds a little more context to the scale of the place. Plus, I imagine if a squat little building saw this film and felt under-represented, they might sue or something. (Napoleonic syndrome and all that, it’s a killer)

But, you might have noticed that these buildings (with holes in) have a little problem with the inside of the mesh; they’re showing the same texture on the inside as the outside, causing the 4th wall to break a bit. I’m not entirely sure if there’s a way to work around that, but I’m planning on filling the meshes with a kind of lattice-like structure, to represent the floors and the walls of the building from the inside. Can’t picture it? This might help.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 18.48.00

With those in place, I’m hoping that this not only adds to the realism, but also works to eliminate this rather ugly problem.

The rest of the buildings I’ll (with any luck) get done by tomorrow. They’re all ready, as mentioned before, to be textured; so it’s just a matter of me sitting down for a few hours and getting it done.

That’s about it for now though! Short and sweet. As ever, please subscribe, like and share, (we get all giddy when you do) I’ll be posting here every day this week, but there are lot of other articles to have fun reading too, covering all things film and fund-raising related, so keep your eye on us, it’ll be worth it (I promise).

Much love, and thanks for reading,



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