Go Fund Yourself! 01/08/14

I’m back for another Go Fund Yourself! with three more potential-filled projects just gagging for the emptying of your wallet, check ’em out!

Pop Up Cinema is, like the name suggests, not a film project but feather a project revolving around films. Centring on the idea that the cinema is a much needed chance to escape the doldrums of everyday life and the fact that that escape is become increasingly costly, this project aims to bring cinema to those who can’t afford the cost of a ticket.

It’s noble cause involves the purchase of an inflatable screen, projector and sound equipment so that they may embark on a tour of twelve UK orphanages, dolling out cinematic therapy to those in need. The project has at the time of writing scored NONE of the £3,000 it needs to get started. The perks list isn’t super overwhelming but this is a charity, c’mon!

And I haven’t even mentioned the snazzy campaign video that’s completely hand drawn and time lapsed. Well, now I have.

The guys behind Our Shining Sword are promising a homage to British WWII movies that will rival anything that Hollywood can offer. On a budget of just 40 grand. Sound like a tall order? Well, take to the video above and check out some of their previous successes on even more meagre budgets?

Yes, it seems like the guys at Tin Hat Productions know what they’re on about, having previously shot another WWII movie from inside a tank, which they’d built themselves, for just £4,000. Our Shining Sword takes a step upwards and sets the action within a Lancashire Bomber. As with their tank picture Fray Bentos, they will build an interior and shoot the exterior with scaled, motorised models.

I’ve written on this very site about my exacerbation with the over abundance of WWII movies but this to me shows a distinct balls-to-the-wall approach from several very dedicated, truly independent filmmakers and I can get behind that more than the churning Hollywood machine. What’s more, they only need £5,000 of their budget from Kickstarter, allowing them to shoot the majority of their “civilian scenes”.

Perks range in the usual from thank you’s, posters and DVD’s to set visits, premiere tickets and executive producer credits.

Director Chad Murray has a vision – to get a Jamaican lawns bowls team to the next Commonwealth Games and eventually, the Olympics. He has his ragtag team, comprised of a former world champion boxer, a BBC sportscaster and “the worlds best Jamaican bowls player” and intends to shoot them into superstardom via on ongoing documentary series.

Between the colourful, energetic video pledge and what could be the best pitch I’ve ever heard “Cool Runnings meets The Only Way is Essex”, this is surefire entertainment. Murray is almost halfway to his £12,00 goal but with just 8 days to go. Perks included wristbands, t-shirts, thank you’s and credit and even the opportunity to get your company’s logo on the teams kit!

That concludes our funding this week. If you have a project that you want promoted, send it our way and we will judge it. And you. We are always judging. 

– Ollie Drew



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