One of One: One a Day (Four)

Welcome back to the world of ‘One of One’! The short film that’s taking bloody ages to make.  Today I’ve got a little less to show you than usual, because I’ve been helping my Dad lug sofas and televisions and all kinds of mess over to his new abode, but I thought I could talk about something other than Blender for a change, seeing as most of you live in the real world and probably don’t care about polygons and vertices and all that other bullshit.

That being said, what we’re talking about isn’t strictly analogue; it’s about branding, and I’ve been using the Adobe Suite to do it. (Because pencils suck ass) But no, this isn’t about branding the film as a package (although that is something that needs to be thought about), this is about branding something within the film! Intrigued? I bet you are, it’s like Arthur Conan Doyle all up in this shit. (but with no sleuthing skills necessary)

Yes, this piece of narrative leans on the history of our protagonist; and a large part of his history is Broadus Industrial, his not-that-aptly named pharmaceutical-come-engineering company, and perhaps more importantly, B.I.’s flagship product; the ‘Erubite’ serum.

So, what’s Broadus Industrial all about? Well, as with most companies, the aim is of course to rake in the cash. However, as might not be the case with most companies, Broadus Industrial serves largely to stoke the furnace of it’s leader’s ego. That’s right, Mr. Broadus is a man burdened with the fear of failure, and his response is to be the smartest, most successful man in the room. But, more than that, he wont be satisfied until everyone knows it. He is also (to my mind, at least) a man that identifies himself closely with the Industrial Revolution. A man that will change everything, bringing humanity out of the dark and into the light, and who doesn’t care what destruction he leaves in his wake. With that in mind, I thought he needed a bold, strong font to do him justice. This comes in the form of Langdon, which I think’s really rather nice! It’s sans-serif, strong and rather exaggerated, just like Hannes Himself.

So, the logo I’ve made for Broadus Industrial is nothing too complicated, and it only took me a minute or two, but I think it suits the purpose; some nice chimneys and some smoke (which will be a motif seen through the film, along with all the rust n whatnot). Here it is.


Designing the ‘Erubite’ logo was a little more fun, however. The serum is the catalyst for everything that’s happened up to and during the short; it is both Hannes’ master-stroke, and his biggest mistake. He really has changed the world with it, but he’s shown no-one but himself the light. It’s a product designed to let one person consume another’s knowledge, through the digestion of their brain tissue (obviously something that’s definitely feasible in real life…). However, as is often the case with such things, there are side effects. Most notably (other than irritable bowels and excessive sweating) is the resurrection of any cadaver attached to the brain injected with the serum. And, as most people are too lazy to scoop it out, the dead rise and you can probably guess the rest. Anyway, Hannes’ intention is to commercialise on this product, and he does so without much care to the potential social/political/medical risks attached to the serum (I mean, where are people going to get a brain in the first place? Seems like a recipe for murder, if you ask me.)

So, as a start, I thought I’d use the same font (Langdon) to place the serum hand-in-hand with Hannes’ company. Then, given the well-punny name we’d given it, it wasn’t a huge leap to take inspiration from the Apple logo, and turn that into a brain. Finally, I thought it might be cool to work the needle in there too. A few lines here and there in and amongst the text changed it into something rather appropriate. Here’s the final result:


Both of these are just first drafts, and it might be I tweak them a bit before the final film, but as they stand I think they’ll do just fine! Here’s ‘Broadus Industrial’ applied to a metal texture, just for the lolz.


Anyway, thanks for reading! I’m sure I’ll have something a bit more exciting to show you in the coming days, as I work more on my 3D stuff/smoke simulating/blowing huge holes into cities. As ever, please like/share/follow us, and stay tuned for more ‘One of One: One a Day’ Goodness!

Lots of Love,


Got a comment, question, or a death threat to throw my way? Leave a comment! I’m sure to reply.

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