Trailer Talk Tuesdays

Today is Tuesday which means today is everybody’s favourite holiday: Trailer Talk Tuesdays! So get out the decorations, put your feet up and muse over this week’s selection.

Exciteometer-3 SmallThe Walking Dead: Season 5

What is there to say about The Walking Dead? It’s a funny one, isn’t it? When it initially hit our screens with the explosive first six-episode season, it showed so much promise. Unfortunately, it’s all a bit bloated now. Seasons are drawn out for the sake of numbers, but that’s not the weird thing. No, what’s odd is that I can’t help but feel excited every damn time!

Season 4 ended on such a huge bombshell (although Rick’s last lines was a little corny) that I NEED to know what’s going to happen next. It’s clear that there are plenty of twists and turns ahead of the survivors this season that, if I am fair, is not a feeling I experienced proceeding the last couple seasons.

That’s why I’m going to watch it. Well, that and the fact that I’ve invested four years into the damn show now.

Exciteometer-4 Small

Vikings: Season 3

Vikings is coming to its third season now (well, some point in 2015 it will be) and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, as evidenced by its trademark “What the hell is going on?!”-style trailer.

Picking up where the last season left off, we’re treated to a series of uncertain and ambiguous shots with a forebodingly dark voiceover by the creepy as fuck Seer.

The events of the new season will surely pick up immediately where season 2 left off – carnage almost certainly guaranteed.

When I first watched Vikings, I thought it would just be a stopgap between Game of Thrones series, but it’s really come into its own and deserves to be acknowledged as an excellent piece of television, if a little repetitive at times.

GothamExciteometer-4 Small

Yeah, I know… It’s funny, I actually promised to Henry and Oliver that I wouldn’t write anything about Batman this week! Fools.

From an objective standpoint though (and by objective standpoint, I do mean the standpoint of someone who doesn’t blow his load over the caped crusader every five minutes), this really looks promising! One of the things that I mentioned in last week’s Short Thoughts was the strength of creators showcasing less frequented areas of the lore because it is genuinely rich, so resorting to the same characters and story arcs is entirely unnecessary.

Gotham is an examination of just one of those examples: the emergence of Jim Gordon (see Gary Oldman in Nolan’s trilogy) as a force for good in the titular city. With appearances from the Penguin, Harvey Bullock, and a young Bruce Wayne (it has to be done, really…), I can’t wait to see what we have in store for us.

Also: Batman.

Exciteometer-5 SmallThe Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor

In recent years, gaming has become more cinematic an experience than ever before. What I mean by this is that we as an audience are treated to more compelling narratives and visually stimulating journeys from the medium, so I think it only fair that we pay homage to this on the same level as we do film and television trailers.

Those of you that are familiar with my articles should know by now that The Lord of the Rings is my absolute favourite thing in the world so, when I watched this latest trailer for the upcoming game, I felt as if I was propelled back into young Joe’s body again.

Shadow of Mordor promises players a very unique experience in terms of gaming, but it also looks set to tell a fantastic story: I refer, of course, to the forging of the rings of power! This chapter in Middle Earth is both rich and fascinating and it just makes me squeal with glee.

Exciteometer-5 Small

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

This is more a honourable mention. No official trailer has been released, but there was a cam-copy of one from Comic Con before Warner Bros. took it down. So…

Batman and Superman in a Mexican standoff type situation. Both look pissed. Enough said.




That was an incredibly Joe-centric Trailer Talk Tuesdays and it was probably more unbalanced in quality than we’re used to, but I’m just in that good a mood!

Do you think these films looks fucking sweet too? Nice. Let us know what else you think deserves a nod!

– Joe

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