Go Fund Yourself! 25/07/14

This is my first time hosting the forum that is Go Fund Yourself! And gosh has it opened my eyes. I’ve earned that the vast majority of the world is out to get your money for their wacky dreams with the offer of little or no reward. My job then, has been to sift through the silt and find you the gems worth throwing your hard earned at.

First up we have Jesse The Kid, a Western shot through the lens of childhood imagination. Three young boys set out to loot their parents of all the sweets possible and in the process learn the hardship of wants and gains, betrayals and the true cost of friendship. So far so wondrous right? It gets better! Their pledge video is the most innovative of those I have for you today, with the tales lead actor kidnapping the director and asking for the £3,500 they need to raise the finds for their movie. Endearing and smart and downright adorable, these people need your cash! In return you’ll be graced with anything from a DVD, a thank you, a set visit to a cowboy hat used on set!

Next, we delve into the many-legged world of bug eating! Nutritious and plentiful, some think that the consumption of everyone’s least favourite sect of the food chain could be the key to the worlds problems. Jessica Rosa and James Crosland-Mills think so and are only a sliver away from their £550 goal. Buzz Feed: The Future of Food? will explore this fast growing and potentially planet stabilising, hunger killing practise and the possibility that before long, this could be a way of life for billions of people. As a vegetarian and all-round unadventurous eater, this repels me but the film is a much more enticing! For the brave amongst you, one of the perks includes a creepy crawly meal!

And finally we have Run Rabbit Run. Run Rabbit Run follows Dale Evans a Welsh father whose life goes from bad to worse. He loses his job, he gambles away his kids college funds in a stupor, the bailiffs come on his daughters birthday no less and then his Mum dies. So Dale hatches a plan, dress like a rabbit, rob a bank and getaway via an Easter Fun Run in time to get to Mum’s funeral. The team behind this show that they have comedic chops and talent in spades in their unique and often hilarious pledge video. I have little doubt that if funded, will live up to it’s potential.

That concludes our funding this week. If you have a project that you want promoted, send it our way and we will judge it. And you. We are always judging. 

– Ollie Drew



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