Trailer Talk Tuesdays – 22/07/14

It’s Tuesday and that can only mean one thing – no, not that tomorrow will be Wednesday – that today, we will be watching trailers! C’mon in, see what we’ve found for you.

Now here’s a brief study in the power of casting and the importance of atmosphere. 2 films, similar in tone/genre but separated by a gulf, down to their quality.

Now I’ll be there first to admit that the Indie genre, and that’s as a genre to itself, not just independent films, is one that leaves me cold. They all seemingly have yellow posters. They all cast comedic actors in slightly serious roles and they all deal with some big topic like “living your dreams”, “being who you are” yada, yada, etc.

So I’m not the target audience, but one of these films looks rather good, while the other leaves me with little to emote but a sigh.

Exciteometer-2 SmallWish I Was Here. Releasing – September 19th. (UK)

Zach Braff? Sigh. Kate Hudson? Sigh. Sheldon from that awful show? Sigh. Add them together in some damp looking movie about ailing parents and familial reconnection. Sigh. I told you, just a great big sigh.

Exciteometer-3 SmallThe Skeleton Twins. Releasing – November 7th. (UK)

Bill Hader manages to be the best thing in pretty much all the movies he’s in and that sdks because he is usually a sidekick. Kristin Wiig is essentially his female equivalent. Here the Saturday Night Live alums come together as a brother and sister duo with a little more than family issues. This is the good half of the equation, because Bill Hader, because Kristin Wiig, this film will be at least enjoyable for their gracious presences.

Exciteometer-4 Small
Life of Crime.
Releasing – September 5th ’14. (UK)

So Tim Robbins is married to Jennifer Ansiton, meanwhile he’s banging Isla Fisher but then Jennifer Aniston is kidnapped by John Hawkes and Mos Def (I’m sorry, I forgot, it’s Yasiin Bey now) but Tim Robbins don’t care because he was going to divorce her anyway? And Will Forte? Yes please. How could this ever go wrong?

Exciteometer-4 SmallBlack Jesus. Debuting – August 7th.

Upon the news of The Boondocks creators leaving of aforementioned show, I quickly lost interest in the show. It was still funny and the characters were still the same but the satire went from biting to nibbling, it had lost an edge.

Upon the news that Aaron McGruder would be back on Adult Swim with a new show I was immediately piqued in my interests. That pique peaked when it was announced that the show would be called Black Jesus and centre around the good lord spreading his message of loge through modern day Compton.

As if that wasn’t enough, this trailer seals the deal making this an insta-watch. That same sense of scathing, baiting funny-offensive humour is there and thankfully the switch to live action doesn’t talk the anarchic spirit out of proceedings. Let’s hope this matches and betters his previous endeavours.

Exciteometer-5 SmallA Most Wanted Man. Releasing – September 12th. (UK)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is one of the best films to emerge this decade or any other. It was slick and stylish, impenetrably twisty, acted beautifully, shot fantastically and evoked an era more comprehensibly than any other film I’d seen. The story was the real winner though, I’ve seen it maybe a dozen times by now and I still find it hard to follow such is it’s espionage-y slipperiness.

We have legit spy turned author John Le Carré to thank for that one and it was only a matter of time before the rest of his catalogue was plundered for goodies. So here we have the trailer for A Most Wanted Man. Like all good trailers it gives little away but still leaves you dying to see the movie. From what I could discern, it involves spies.

The addition of Robin Wright who bosses it in a similar role in House of Cards and the always intense-ertaining Willem Defoe heighten my enthusiasm whilst Rachel McAdams lowers it somewhat.

But it is the late, great Phillip Seymour Hoffman who leads the ensemble. I think it’s safe to say that even if the whole film is awful (which seems inconceivable), it will have one last masterclass from one of the most consistently thrilling actors to have brightened our screens.

Another Tuesday, another 5 trailers, done. As always, chip in with recommendations! Till next time.

– Ollie Drew


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