Trailer Talk Tuesdays – 15/07/14

Another Tuesday, another 5 trailers for your eyes to view on. Let’s hop to it shall we?

Exciteometer-2 SmallExodus: Gods and Kings.
Releasing – 26th December ’14. (UK)

The faithful readers amongst you will recall a piece I wrote when the trailer for Noah dropped last November. I bemoaned the whole things existence as a futile return to the Biblical epics that brought Hollywood to critical and financial ruin in the 60’s. 

I noted that out of that destruction, a new vein of art-flicks were given life to try to emulate the success of independent European filmmakers of the time. Ridley Scott would have emerged a decade or so later as part of a second wave of these cinematically aware directors bent on balancing the commercial with the artistically satisfying. 

Why on Earth then would he do this? His track record with these Swords & Sandals flicks is sketchy at best (don’t talk to me about Gladiator) and recent Hollywood’s record with them is even worse. Why on Earth would he shave Joel Edgerton and cast him as an Egyptian? 

I guess Noah’s worldwide haul of near enough $400 million goes something towards answering that, and the fact that Scott has the tale of David and Goliath lined up as his project means we may just be witnessing the beginnings of a new and totally unnecessary trend. 

Exciteometer-3 SmallLife Itself. Releasing – 14th November ’14. (UK) 

Outside of those in the industry, Roger Ebert may be the most important figure in the proliferation of the medium of moving image. In fact, I’d go as far to say that he’s more important than a lot of mainstream directors and actors active today or in the previous 5 decades he spent writing for the Chicago Sun-Times. 

His story is one loaded with tragedy and one certainly worth telling, my one reservation being the format. Documentary is almost always more worthwhile than Biopics but there is a standard formula for this kind of thing that is seldom toyed with, talking heads, old footage. Hopefully Life Itself will choose cinematic techniques as interesting as the man himself and enter a pantheon with films like Tupac: Resurrection and American: The Bill Hicks Story.

Exciteometer-4 SmallThe Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears. Currently touring festivals worldwide.

I love me a trailer that is eager to keep all it’s cards close to it’s chest and this is one of those. From what this trailer gives away I can tell that it’s in French and that there will be blood. That’s about it really.

From what I’m aware of via film magazines, this line is picking up major buzz and Cronenberg meets Winding-Refn aesthetic has my body’s tears coloured excited.

Exciteometer-4 Small20,000 Days On Earth. Releasing – “2014”

I know a tad about Nick Cave the musician but Nick Cave’s forays into the world of film always have me stunned. I’ve not seen his first film as writer, Ghosts… of the Civil Dead but his following two films, The Proposition and Lawless are both fantastic, The Proposition being particularly recommendation worthy. 

Well now he’s gone and collaborated with directorial duo Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard to write and star in a documentary about his 20,000th day on the Earth. As per Cave’s M.O. it’s not that simple and pieces of acted drama are stitched in to make the piece whole. 

Now I have the opportunity to learn about Cave the musician and to continue to marvel at his prowess as a writer, with a little help from his showbiz buddies Ray Winstone and Kylie Minogue. One to not miss. 

Exciteometer-5 SmallRigor Mortis. Available on iTunes now.

This weeks winner comes from the wide and bewildering world of Hong-Kong and based on this trailer, just like the aforementioned The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears, is completely alien to me. The trailer sidelines dialogue and subtitles for English titles explaining parts of the story while the characters batter each other in complete silence. 

From what I can gather, the basic premise involves the resurrection of loved ones but judging from the multitude of blood split and fights broken out, it won’t be going well for our protagonists. 

Between the ethereal spooks busting out of walls, martial arts mayhem and big ugly beasties I’m giving the feeling that this will play something like Crouching Tiger Hidden The Grudge. Sounds bloody excellent to me.

Another Tuesday, another 5 trailers, done. As always, chip in with recommendations! Till next time.

– Ollie Drew



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