Short Thoughts: Week 3

If you’ve made it this far without disappearing, you’re lucky enough to have reached your weekly hit of ‘Short Thoughts’! Sit down, open your last can of beans, and give yourself a big ol’ round of applause! (But not too loud. They’re attracted to noise.) 

Yes, today we’ve got three little gems of the purest, narrative variety; and, like the wayward virus tapping on your window, they’re ready to pop your bloody eyes out. So, without further ado, I present to you our favourite watches of the week. 

This first film comes from that big old crater that used to be filled with water. That’s right, the sea! ‘Narcose’ is a feverish aquatic odyssey, projected through the eyes of a slowly sinking freediver. Writer/director Julie Gautier frames this story with the real-life accounts of one Guillaume Néry, a man who’s dive to 125 metres brought him a plethora of hallucinatory experiences. The result? A mottled mirage of beauty, terror, and wonderment. The visuals are astounding, made so much more impressive by the setting for this piece; an empty wedding reception held underwater, a man walking along the seabed as if in slow motion, a huge and choreographed shoal of half-naked women… There’s something about this film that’s as magnificent as it is unsettling, and there’s a real achievement in that. Narcose is a film that doesn’t let up. It drags you under, and pushes you deeper. Give in. 

Not enough of a trip for you? Fear not, for that rabbit hole is still gaping, and at the bottom lies your next short; ‘Chase me Through’. This piece comes from Writer/Director Blake Salzman, journeying through the lives of two childhood companions, now turned lovers, as they explore their combined histories in an attempt to re-write them. Flecks of dusty, 8mm memories flutter through the cracks in this hypnotic myriad of fervent imagery and violent emotion; crested with supremely confident performances, and a soul-shattering soundtrack. This is one of those films that must be watched to be believed, and the 20-minute runtime seems almost too short to contain it. Tumble down and feel it, ladies and gents.

Want something a little less pensive? Love the suburban aesthetic of a beer-bellied man? Can’t wait to hear the sound of a dog being shot, whilst a wheelbarrow rattles on by? Me too! Luckily this short-short-short featuring some music that I (an old and weathered parsnip) have never heard of, is sure to quench your thirst! Get ready for some standing-still action, and a belly full of laughs; ‘Italian Cynical Happy’ is here to stay! 

Well, that’s your lot I’m afraid. The drains are telling me to stop now, and I think I better obey. As ever, keep your gas-masks on and your draft excluders primed, good luck out there (and don’t leave the house). 

Lots of love, and happy hiding,

Henry Gale 


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