Trailer Talk Tuesdays – 08/07/14

Another Tuesday, another 5 trailers for your eyes to view on. Let’s hop to it shall we?

Exciteometer-1 SmallReach Me. Releasing 24th October ’14 (USA)

A new benchmark, a new low! Trailer Talk Tuesdays’ first 1 out of 5! This looks like someone mashed Crash (2004) and The Expendables together, written & directed by the guy who brought you Inferno: The Making of ‘The Expendables’. Needless to say this film looks beyond pointless. It’s so stuffed to the gills with cliché it may even be too cliché to call it cliché.

Our ridiculous cast (how did all these fine people get persuaded to go near this thing?) is headed by Sylvester Stallone’s fedora wearing business mogul and is rounded out by Thomas Jane as a gunslinger with a soft spot for God, Kelsey Grammer, Cary Elwes, Tom Sizemore. Terry Crews, Danny Trejo and Nelly. Because why not Nelly? 

This rag tag gang of acting misfits are brought together by the author of a self help book named, you guessed it, Reach Me. Cue a whole bunch of quasi-helpful inspirational quotes like “you’re a finger-painting, be a masterpiece!” And; “it’s not about people, it’s about people.”

I truly hope this is all just a joke.

Exciteometer-3 SmallObvious Child. Releasing – 29th August ’14 (UK)

A double feature here, unified by a simple premise, a well known, oft used premise. Both have a different one of these standard story lines but both are elevated by a huge talent. 

Our first is Obvious Child, the story following that of a dumb, young and immature lass getting unexpectedly knocked up and growing up via having to deal with the consequences. So far, so “heard it before”, but like I said, big talent equals big boost. You may not know the name but fans of Parks and Recreation will know her all too well, Jenny Slate has been demanding money and terrifying men as Jean-Ralphio’s heinous, hilarious sister Mona-Lisa and if she’s about to rise into a leading capacity, I want to be there to watch it happen.

Exciteometer-4 SmallSt. Vincent. Releasing – 24th October (USA) 

Second we have that well worn “grouchy old man learns to love again via the innocence of a child” schtick, been there, seen that right? But where your “grouchy old man” is played by the grandaddy of all grouchy old men, none over than Bill Groundhog Day, Ghostbustin’-Ass Murray, then that brings St. Vincent straight from a 2 to a 4 on the Excite-ometer

Exciteometer-4 SmallHorrible Bosses 2. Releasing – 28th November ’14.

The first Horrible Bosses was a delightfully foul mouthed surprise. Take a trio of hugely likeable comic talents and pit them against an A-List mob playing kind of against type. A simple formula with super positive results.

The central trio returns, the eminently likely Jason’s Bateman and Sudeikis and chipmunk voiced lightning bolt Charlie Day joined by two of the previous films bad guys. The third; Colin Farrell’s combed-over mega-d-bad is unfortunately absent for this sequel.

Fortunately Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston are back once more along with the first films “Motherfucker Jones” Jamie Foxx. Those three are joined no less by Captain Kirk himself Chris Pine, Breaking Bad’s own Mike Ehrmantraut – Jonathan Banks and the inimitable Christoph Waltz. I predict guffaws galore.

Exciteometer-5 SmallA Master Builder. Releasing – ?

I’ve been finding over the last three weeks that the better a film looks, the less I can say about it. Something about being truly enigmatic I guess. This trailer is no exception. The main players are Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme and Wallace “voice of Toy Story‘s Rex” Shawn, the storyline is about a dying architect, seemingly filled with malaise, regret and a deep sadness. There is something bigger at play here, the arrival of a mysterious woman, a young lady who may be Shawn’s daughter (like I said; enigmatic trailer), lots of crying, all filmed in a cinéma vérité style in a single location thanks to it’s stage-play origins. Looks very, very intriguing indeed.

Another Tuesday, another 5 trailers, done. As always, chip in with recommendations! Till next time.

– Ollie Drew.



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