One of One: Part Three – Futureings

Over the course of the last two weeks, myself and Henry have been talking about our ongoing mission to get a film produced by the name of One of One. I told you about the projects genesis here, and Henry talked about his involvement last week. Today, I shall be discussing the future, how the world we’ve built for this piece will hopefully become something entirely more massive.

There’s a simple X step list I can write out for you that boils our plans down from their big, burly overwhelming states to a more digestible and entirely less daunting prospect (bullet points, don’t you just love ‘em?) It goes something like this:

Step 1 – The Teaser.

Step 2 – The Campaign.

Step 3 – Production.

Step 4 – Someone famous sees our short, wigs out and throws us a bundle of cash.

Step 5 – Feature film.

Having taken a moment to digest that, it’s now clear to you that we know exactly what we’re up to and just like the brainless antagonists of our movie, we are just about ready for world domination. Minus the brainless part of course, we have those. Honest.

So let’s take a moment to break these steps down a little more.

Step 1 – The Teaser.

Does what it says on the tin. In order to entice people to our plight, we’ve cooked up a little 3 minute treat to act as a teaser to One of One. It will feature our robot buddy himself and be heavy on the CG in order for us to produce it on the cheap but will be loaded with all the juicy set up material you’d want from a teaser. This will launch hand in hand with Step 2.

Step 2 – The Campaign.

Having watched our teaser, buzz should be at an all time high and you, our faithful readers, should be desperate for more. At which point we will be open for donations towards the next part of the One of One saga. We’re not a charity of course, so we’ll be offering some exciting things in return for your investment. Physical/digital copies of the movie, props, a magazine we’re putting together full of behind the scenes goodness and just so much more. Be excited, I am.

Step 3 – Production.

With the money you generous people have given us in Step 2, we can now make the film. We’re also prepared for Step 3, parts A and B to be eventualities too. Part A being that we don’t quite make the money we would have liked, so we’ve written a contingency script with less expenses involved. Part B sees the eventuality that we get loads more money than we ever dreamed of and likewise, we’ve written a dream script where we can go all out. Bostin’.

Step’s 4 and 5. 

Step 4 is something that could be possible, it’s what everyone dreams of. If not, then so be it, we plough on. Me and Henry will continue with our feature length script no matter what, and this is where it gets exciting. 

What we ave devised for this feature is something I’m not sure has been done before (as always, get to the comments to correct em if I’m wrong) and I think it has scope to be both unique and huge and bloody great too. Myself and Henry will be writing the feature to expand on the personal story between One of One and Hannes, the scientist behind the outbreak of The Brainless.

From there though, we want to use the basic premise of The Brainless – eat you brains and gain you knowledge – as the start of an anthology series set in that world. Using that set up, we will write as many shorts as we can, and we’ve thought of more than a few, to tell sort of cautionary tales in the vein of The Twilight Zone and films like Soylent Green, The Omega Man, and Silent Running. Obviously we’d like to make as many of them as possible too but who knows what the future holds.

If all this goes to plan, then we’d also like to offer out our platform to other budding writers/directors who feel like they have something to add to the brainless conversation. By the end of it all, not only should we have a feature length movie but also a compendium of separate tales all set within this world we have created so that we can cut and so a mega-movie/TV show/web series type dealy into any length we so fancy.  

Next week Henry will be giving us the low down on all the crazy animation stuff he’s been up to! Till next time.

– Ollie Drew.



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