Go Fund Yourself!

It’s that time of the week again: it’s Go Fund Yourself! Friday!* Every week, we will be looking to provide a little added exposure to crowdfunding projects across the world, aptly focusing on the film and animation categories. Why? Because we’re bloody nice people, that’s why! Okay, we’re not nice people, but we can do a pretty average job at pretending that we are. Most of the time. So strap yourselves in for what can only be described as a good way to burn twenty minutes of your day whilst enriching your karmic value.

Soup by Fun With Film / No Time Productions

“Soup is a ten minute short about infidelity and love. A couple both individually see the same therapist to vent their emotions.”

It’s a relatively simple concept, but ‘Soup’ immediately caught my attention because of this. Asking for a modest £300, this ten-minute short promises a short but intriguing story about two lovers venting their frustrations about one another to the same individual. Queue a few chuckles at the irony of the situation and you’ve got a real charmer on your hands.

Or rather, it at least has the potential for this.

Admittedly, there isn’t much offered in way of insight from either the campaign video or the text-based information about any major specifics, but it’s the sort of production that isn’t trying to push itself to the point in which it becomes oversaturated with ambitions of superfluous grandeur.

Guys, you’ve peaked my interest.

 The Haircut by Alexis O. Korycinski

“In 1976, females were let into military academies after a 174-year ban; Amy is one of the first.Under incredible emotional and physical strain, Amy struggles to survive her first day, battling vicious sexism, swallowing self-doubt, and fighting to prove she has what it takes.”

With a projected budget of $10,000, The Haircut is a lot more ambitious with its aims, but it (fantastically) has the backing of the AFI so, y’know, that’s fucking decent.

Looking to highlight issues such as misogyny, the film explores the overcoming of these obstacles with an admirable and timeless persistence. The Haircut promises to be a refreshing perspective on the ever-popular wartime genre, drawing on a monumental historic event [in American military culture] to serve as the foundation to do so.

Already past the 10% mark, and with another 40 days to raise the rest of the required budget, I cannot wait to see how this project turns out!


 Predator Dark Ages by Simon Rowling (DOP)

“Templar Knights are put to the ultimate challenge, to hunt The Predator. Testing not only their skills as fighters but also their faith.”

Okay, hands up if you just read that and your initial thought was that’s preposterous. You’re not alone, because the second I saw this come up I was immediately drawn to it for its sheer lunacy. At first. Then I continued to read on; watch their videos and, genuinely, I’d like to see this (it just goes to show that you can’t judge a campaign by its thumbnail)! It combines my love of all things in the vein of medieval culture, and then throws in one of science fiction’s greatest antagonists for good measure. It’s like the film is being made specifically for me.

This may not be the most conventional crowdfunding project out there, but it’s already half way towards its minimum budget of £5,000 and it still has another 35 days to go! That, in it’s self, serves as a very good indication of an existing audience, and it’s fair to say that I’m one of them.

Although the creators of this 20-25 minute short would like somewhere between £15,000 and £20,000 to produce it in its full glory, I’ll still be happy with the high concept trailer they promise if they only meet their minimum budget.

Besides, the Alien vs. Predator films are awful, so maybe this will make up for them.

That’s about it for this week! We’re actually pretty smitten with you, so share your crowdfunding projects with us and we’ll be real nice about it. We’ll fund you in a back alley.

– Joe

joe sketch3




* Although it didn’t upload on Friday and I’ve only just noticed…


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