Short Thoughts: Week 2

If you’ve made it here, you’ve made it to wednesday, and that means you’re still alive! Give yourselves a pat on the back, find somewhere comfy to hide, and get ready for the midweek marvel that is; Short Thoughts! This wednesday is a GOOD wednesday. We’ve found some itty-bitty entertainment that we think you’ll love, and it’ll certainly keep you distracted from the dangers at your doorstep. Keep your eyes happy and keep reading, what’s outside will only frighten you. 

To start us off, a question; What’s got 16 legs, four eyes, and a whole lot of love to give? No, it’s not your Mum (but good guess). ‘Oktapodi’ is the story of two star-cross’d lovers, whisked away by a man who wants to eat one of them. Sure, it’s not your typical boy meets girl scenario, but don’t let that dissuade you; it’s about Octopuses! Some great animation here, and funny too (plus, it got nominated for an Oscar, Oo-err). 

But, if you’re one of these lonely people who finds Octopedal romance too mushy, we’ve got something we think will float your boat (or sink your submersible, as the case may be). Ariel Kleiman’s ‘Deeper than Yesterday’ follows Oleg, a man trying to keep afloat whilst his crew sinks into savagery. A beautiful film by all accounts,  DTY is an acute look into the world of isolation, societal detachment, and the hardship of doing right in a place adrift from accountability. The Lord of the Flies-esque thematics and on-point acting (combined with some perfectly cold photography by Peter Eastgate) make for a short that feels like something much more than the sum of its 20 minute runtime. A must watch, but prepare for some disturbing scenes and moral quandary.

Want your mood lifted after all that aquatic misery? Then look no further, for ‘Time Travel Lover’ is here to lift your sinking spirits. An incredibly funny ten minutes , this is a film that boldly goes where no short has gone before; delving deep into the highs and lows of a relationship that hasn’t even happened yet. Elisha Yaffe juggles the roles of writer and actor with aplomb, whilst Bo Mirosseni’s direction makes for some brilliantly paced comedy. It’s a fresh, inventive look at the modern day hookup, that your future self wont have regretted watching. So just do it. Now. 

Kevin Clark’s next up, with his short ‘A Portrait of Wild’. This story of young love is simple, strong and memorable, and is backed by some really stunning photography. So stunning in fact, that I’m willing to bet you could watch this to the end with the sound turned off, and still enjoy it. (But don’t do that, because then you’d be depriving your ears of a wonderful soundtrack too). There’s a lot to love about this short, basically; some strong acting and incredible locations, as well as an impeccable attention to detail with the production design. Plus, if you’re a young man and don’t get jacket envy by the end of it, I’d be willing to shake your hand. Once. 

Last off is the one-shot wonderpiece, ‘Random Stop’. Brandishing feverish pace in one hand and heartbreaking realism in the other, the story is framed (quite literally) through the eyes of a fledgeling father; Sherrif’s Deputy Kyle Dinkheller. After speaking to his wife on his journey home, a speeding van catches his attention, and Kyle is forced persue. Writer/Director Benjamin Arfmann adapts this true-to-life story to devastating effect, using a single, first person shot to track the last few minutes of a man’s life. Inventive, complex, and expertly crafted; ‘Random Stop’ grabs you and doesn’t let go.

So that’s about it, our week in pictures (and, perhaps, the last few minutes of yours). So; bolt your doors, lock your windows and DO NOT answer your phone (at least until we come knocking). We’ll be here next week, in the same place, at the same time. We just hope you’re alive to see it. 

Much love, and good luck,

Henry Gale. 

P.s. If you’re feeling brave, send us your shorts and YOU could feature on this page! Tweet us @y_creatives, email us at OR leave a comment! We’d be bloody happy to hear from you.


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