Trailer Talk Tuesday 01/07/14

For the second instalment of Trailer Talk Tuesday since our return I’ve decided for a small switch up. In order to approach the trailers in the most objective way possible – and to separate them from their parent films – I will looking at trailers that I’ve little to no prior knowledge of and refusing to let myself IMDb the player involved. Let’s go! 

Exciteometer-3 SmallDracula Untold. Releasing – 3rd October ’14. (UK)

Well this is interesting. Based on the title and the current cinematic climate of “reinventing” or destroying great stories from the past for CGI loaded commercial gain, I fully expected to be hating this trailer. But I didn’t, not all the way at least.

Granted CGI is here in abundance and a great deal of that looks outright stupid but take a look at the Brit heavy cast and things get more interesting. Luke Evans’ star has slowly been rising through his presence in the latest Hobbit, the Fast & Furious franchise and the awful looking Three Musketeers (2011). Although I’m not totally sold on his chops, he seems to be an young actor out to prove himself so I’m hoping he does right here and in his upcoming Crow reboot. 

A double shot of Game of Thrones alumni is what really seals the deal. Veritable beard-hero Paul Kaye (Ser Thoros of Myr) turns up as some kind of Monk type and our villain arrives in the form of a somewhat bewrinkled, bloodsucking Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) – the man who boasts the most amount of gravitas ever witnessed from a toilet seat. 

This has the potential to be another I, Frankenstein/Van Helsing/The Mummy or maybe, just maybe, it can buck that awful trend.

Exciteometer-3 SmallFury. Releasing – 24th October ’14. (UK)

Fury looks to be a good movie. A solid cast (Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Peña, Jason Isaacs, Shane from The Walking Dead) bolstered by a good writer/director (David Ayer of Training Day fame) and a tank-based take on WWII that to my knowledge has never been gifted a whole movie of it’s own (correct me if I’m wrong).

What stops me from getting giddy is that above even Superheroes, WWII is the topic we realy, really do not need any movies about. Granted the tank angle may be new to the game but the story looks to be as old as the War itself. Wizened, battle-hardened vets joined by the rookie, slowly integrates into their little group, loss of innocence, I could go on but you know how it goes. 

Steven Spielberg closed the book on WWII movies with his classic mid 90’s one-two punch of Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. He proceeded to take to TV to further solidify his place as the be all and end all with the brilliant, untouchable Band of Brothers and it’s lesser younger sibling The Pacific. Can’t we call it a day?

Exciteometer-4 SmallThe Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them/Him/Her. Releasing – ?

This is where things get interesting. Two of our best young leading act/ors/resses, in a movie concerning the good start and the bad end of a relationship, presumably set across multiple decades. So far so Blue Valentine, right? 

Perhaps but Disappearance comes with a distinct and exciting USP. The film will be released in 3 versions, two telling the story of the couples relationship from each persons perspective, thats His telling James McAvoy’s story and Hers telling Jessica Chastain’s. When it reaches the cinema it will contain a mixture of both, under the title Them.

I’m not sure how much legs watching three of a very similar film goes, though presumably His and Hers contain enough variation to be enjoyed as two separate entities and Henry seems to think that it has been done before, though he can’t remember where but I’m fully sold on the idea, and am heartily looking forward to this one.

Exciteometer-4 SmallThe Dirties. Releasing – ?

The Dirties boasts a “Kevin Smith Presents” tagline and although they seem like initially disparate entities it’s worth remembering that A.) those “presents” tag lines mean next to nothing other than “a famous person liked our film enough to try give us some exposure” and B.) Smoth himself dived into one part pseudo-Horror, one part controversial topic debate with 2011’s brilliant scathing Red State (whose own tagline read; “an unlikely film from that Kevin Smith”).  

Where Red State tackled Deep South, deep religion, The Dirties dips it’s toe into the world of the High School shooting via metatextual filmmaking-in-a-film, mod-doc Black Comedy. Its story concerns the plight of two High School film nerd types out to shoot a revenger movie in their own school, the kicker being that one of them is deadly serious and hell bent on some real revenge. 

Between what seems to be both an endearing and scary lead duo tied into a weird relationship, a palpable genuine love of cinema (via a reenactment of Pulp Fiction’s legendary royale conversation) and the fact that this is an ever present topic seemingly dealt with with intelligence, this is almost my pick for the week… Almost.

Exciteometer-5 SmallA Touch Of Sin. Releasing – ?

My number one pick for this week is a sprawling, brawling anthology coming to us from China. A Touch Of Sin tells four separate stories all linked by the theme of being pushed to the limit.

I can’t speak a great deal on who the main players are but this two minute segment tells me that this film has the potential to be bruising and brutal both physically and psychologically and yet beautiful. I can tell you that the four stories told here hail from humble origins, true dories that came to light through Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent. 

Based on that intriguing nugget and the sumptuous, enigmatic trailer, A Touch Of Sin leap frogs it’s way to the summit of my “must watch” list.

If any of your opinions differ from mine, then don’t be shy, tell me how wrong I am in the comments section below and feel free to recommend me some trailers to watch for next weeks instalment.

– Oliver Drew



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