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I’ve tried to raise money through crowdfunding before and I’ve failed before, but I keep returning to it like it’s the Promised Land because it kind of is. Crowdfunding is an extremely powerful tool in both raising awareness of a project and in securing the finances needed to complete it. That’s not to say that it’s a guarantee (I cannot stress this enough), but it’s an empowering mechanism to help independents bring their visions to life. It takes a lot to time and energy, and a little bit of luck to achieve success on such a platform, with many contributing factors.

So, as of such, we thought we’d offer assistance where we could buy raising awareness of projects we think are pretty neat. Here goes…

Schmoolie The Deathwatcher by Theresa Gallagher

“Schmoolie, an Orthodox Jewish teen spends his first night alone guarding a body awaiting burial, and ends up fighting for his own life.”

I didn’t really know what to expect before I sat down and watched the campaign video, particularly as the copy refers to Jesse Heiman (who plays the titular character, Schmoolie Lazar) as “The World’s Greatest Extra”. I’ve certainly heard of this colloquial title before, but I wasn’t sure in what capacity I was familiar with it. However, after a quick flick through the list of credits he’s garnered over the years, and with some further research on Youtube, I soon realised that this was an apt claim.

Onto the campaign though, I can honestly say that this was one of, if not the most charming crowdfunding campaign video I’ve ever watched. A considerable amount of thought has clearly gone into the project, and it carries a distinct level of humour and witticism in its presentation.

Having already raised $2,330 (at the time I write this, at least!), the project needs a total of $7,585 to be successfully backed. It’s also worth noting that this is a Kickstarter project so, as you probably know, it’s all or nothing!

Facebook Funeral by Adam Preston

“Facebook Funeral’ will be a short comedy film that deals head-on with the hot button issue of the effect social media is having on our lives. It will do this by asking this question: What if you died and the only person who could be found to speak at your funeral was a Facebook friend who didn’t really know you at all? It’s a nightmare scenario transformed into a hilarious comedy that will have people laughing, talking, and changing the way they think about social media all over the world.”

I was immediately captivated by the premise of this project. “What a unique and clever idea!” I thought to myself. And it really is! Many of us spend a remarkable amount of time on this particularly popular (arguably infamous) social network. We communicate our thoughts and feelings to people whom, let’s face it don’t know us!

Unfortunately, I was somewhat jaded by the lacklustre presentation of the campaign video. As brilliant an idea as this one is, this project draws to attention a particularly important aspect of any crowdfunding campaign: create an interesting hook or you’ll alienate potential backers.

Nevertheless, the idea remains a strong one and, for that, I commend it whole-heartedly.

Having already raised $1,206 (at the time I write this, at least!), the project needs a total of $18,500 to be successfully backed. Although this seems quite expensive for a short film, it’s not out of the ordinary and it’s also worth noting that this is, again, a Kickstarter project so needs to meet its goal to receive any funding.

 Outpost by Fractured Atlas

“When the last member of a special class of intergalactic diplomats called Citizens finds himself on the verge of finally discovering intelligent life, he realizes he has feelings for his android companion, A.R.I.A.. Just as Citizen Gordon is ready to reveal his feelings and embrace their unconventional relationship, news of a doomsday device headed his way puts him, his android, his discoveries, and even all of humanity in imminent danger…”

This project immediately caught my attention due to its genre. As a massive fantasy and science-fiction fan, I felt drawn to the project. Perhaps the most ambitious of the shorts in this list, the project ands its creators aim to create a lot of virtual environments which is, in itself, an extremely expensive goal. Those involved have an impressive résumé between them and have great aspirations for what has the potential to be a powerful and beautiful production.

Although the campaign video doesn’t reveal anything particularly significant, the writing / directing / starring / producing duo who present it clearly know what they’re talking about. Being able to convince your potential backers that this is the case is certainly integral to a campaign’s success.

As said before, this is the most ambitious of this week’s featured campaigns and aims to raise $60,000. Having already raised $11,526 and being on a flexible funding scheme on Indiegogo, I have no doubts that this project will be a success one way or another and look forward to its completion.


That’s about it for this week! We’re actually pretty smitten with you, so share your crowdfunding projects with us and we’ll be real nice about it. We’ll fund you in a back alley.

– Joe

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