March 14th in Movie History

The Man of Steel, a national treasure and hysterical gore all have March 14th in common!

Released on this day…

2008: The Cottage was released on this day in 2008 and, on the topic of underrated movies, what are the chances that one of such nature celebrates its “anniversary”?!

Following a botched kidnapping, two brothers, David and Peter (played by Andy Serkis and Reece Shearsmith respectively) are plagued by an unknown horror in the remote countryside they thought to be a safe refuge.

As dark as it is hilarious, The Cottage is an excellent film for horror and comedy enthusiasts alike! It will keep you on the edge of your seat as you struggle to remain upright through fits of laughter and terror.

Born on this day…

1933: Michael Caine, a man who really needs no introduction, celebrates his 81st Birthday today! A national treasure through and through, Caine has become a regular feature in Christopher Nolan’s work (Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Prestige), and was even Scrooge in The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)! Of course, you’ll probably know him best for 1962’s The Italian Job and, perhaps one of cinema’s most favourite lines: “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

1965: Kevin Williamson, who turned 49 today, is a popular writer, director and producer, best known for his work on the Scream series (1996-2011), The Vampire Diaries (2009-2014) and, everyone’s favourite, Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003)! Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Died on this day…

1997: Fred Zinnemann, who directed near 50 films throughout his career, passed away at the ripe old age of 89 in 1997. The Oscar winning director was known for his direction of 40s/50s era classics, including High Noon (1952) and Oklahoma! (1953).

1999: Kirk Alyn, who died at the age of 88 following a modest career in cinema, started out as a chorus boy on Broadway. After a number of small parts and supporting roles, Kirk Alyn came to sport blue spandex and a red cape as the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Alyn portrayed the titular character in Superman (1948) and Atom Man vs. Superman (1950).

Obviously, this isn’t all that happened on March 14th in MOVIE HISTORY; why not let us know who or what you think deserves to be on this short list!

– Joe

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