Star Wars VII: Five actors who MIGHT play Jedi Apprentice lead

Following Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, a new film in the epic sci-fi saga has been a talking point for geeks and die-hard fans alike since it’s announcement back in November 2012.

J.J. Abrams, who has already established himself as a competent master of science fiction following Lost (2004-2010) his reboot of the Star Trek series (2009, 2013), will be taking the helm on this latest excursion into a galaxy far, far away, but the cast has remained a bit of a mystery up until now.

However, following new reports, Abrams has apparently been eyeing up a number of actors to play the lead role. Whether or not this character will be of the canon Solo/Skywalker bloodline is uncertain at the moment, but we may finally have an idea of what to expect. Hit the jump for the grand reveal!

So, from the mouth of Variety, here’s who we’re looking at:

  • Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad, Battleship, Paul)
  • John Boyega (Attack the Block)
  • Ed Speleers (Downton Abbey, Eragon)
  • Matthew James Thomas (About a Boy, Billy Elliot – Theatre)
  • Ray Fisher (Theatre actor)

One thing’s for certain, Abrams is at least thinking about diversifying the series a bit, as Star Wars has had a predominantly Caucasian cast for the first six episodes. With that in mind, we may see the story drift away from the Skywalker family as its focal point.

That might be a refreshing change, as Hayden Christensen’s take on Anakin Skywalker failed to do the origin of one of cinema’s greatest villains (Darth Vader, of course!) justice. Frankly, it was offensive, so something new would be a wise course of action, else we risk besmirching the Skywalker family name even more.

– Joe

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