Netflix: A Godly Gift to Man – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Let’s be blunt, Netflix is the cat’s pyjamas and that is an outright fact. Right now, there is very little I actually watch on TV (with the exception of The Blacklist, and that’s only because it’s become a family-bonding feature in the Aldous household) as anything and everything I could ever want to watch is available somewhere on the Internet and at my own leisure.

Long gone are the days of watching the clock, waiting for that bastard to hit a specific time. Now I can watch every episode  – nay, every season back to back, and Netflix makes that gruelling task a little easier for lazy old Joe.

So, do you have Netflix? No? Get it now. Why? Because It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The first season of this surreal comedy follows the lives of four narcissistic friends who own a failing bar in the Pennsylvanian city. Bouncing from one bizarre situation to the next, and without a care for the consequences, the gang ruins the lives of anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in the wake of their antics. Then the second season rolls over and Danny DeVito joins the cast. That’s right, Danny DeVito!

Joining Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton (who write the show, as well as star in it) and Kaitlin Olson, DeVito is a welcome addition to an already unique experience.

Unwilling to conform to the same tired structure that other sitcoms abide by; It’s Always Sunny ‘s style of humour is distinctly rare. From dealing with terminal illness to becoming Youtube stars, no topic is safe, and is addressed with an uncompromising bravery that is truly refreshing. What’s more, we are treated to, not one, but two sequels to the Lethal Weapon series, with McElhenney and Howerton’s characters reprising Gibson’s and Glover’s roles alternatively.

Although the central characters are indisputably terrible human beings, the show is self aware enough to make them extremely enjoyable to watch regardless of the fact.

Unfortunately, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia doesn’t seem to quite have a foot in the door in the UK; at least, not to the extent that it’s broadcasted on any terrestrial or satellite channel (I may be wrong on this, I hope I am, so let me know if that’s the case). However, Netflix has all 9 seasons at the viewers’ disposal and it’s well worth the watch if you’re a fan of more adventurous comedies that aren’t afraid to push the boundaries.

Really, there’s nothing quite like it.

– Joe

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