Doraleous Returns

Hank and Jed’s medieval animation, Doraleous and Associates has returned to our screens once more, to save Nudonia and to kill 5-10 minutes of the week.

Originally hosted by The Escapist, Doraleous and Associates started as a quaint fantasy parody; an opportunity for fans of the genre, including us at Y (though 18-year-old dorks at the time), to indulge in their interests, whilst enjoying the web series’ crass sense of humour. However, week by week the show revealed itself to be more than just gags rooted in the context of fantasy favourites; each episode took these characters on an epic journey that there was no turning back from.

At the forefront of the group is Doraleous, a brave warrior and a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world. Unfortunately for Doraleous, none of this matters because his Associates are a combination of inept, lazy and borderline insane. It seems that every quest the team embarks upon, no matter how minor, goes woefully wrong as a result of one [or more] of Doraleous’ Associates’ incompetence/negligence/drinking problem. Don’t worry though, eventually things iron out…

Each episode became a new source of hilarious quotes to recite again and again (don’t judge us, everyone quotes the hell out of something at some point during their life), and it was soon a staple point of our viewing schedule. I loved this show, but after 36 episodes it disappeared. For years we were promised the return of Nudonia’s mightiest hero, but with no sign of follow through.

Then it happened. Hank and Jed popped up on Kickstarter, looking to raise money for a project called Doraleous and Associates! Finally, a chance for this wonderful webseries to return!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, production began. Waiting with bated breath, I craved every little update. For almost a year I have waited and, now that it has returned, I feel complete again.

The magical world of Nudonia remains as glorious as I had remembered it; the people as charming; Mirdon is still an angry drunk; Sir Walken is as classy as they get; and Doraleous… Doraleous is still a bitch.

You will not regret watching this… Or you might! I recommend giving it a go though; the episodes are short and sweet, and it’s not just aimed at fantasy fans; it’s a funny story about a group of narcissists that just so happen to be in a fantasy setting. Think It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,  but with swords and trolls instead of a pub.


joe sketch3






We also have a Kickstarter campaign…


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