TVursday 20/02/14

House of Cards.

This weeks big headline was the return of Netflix original series House of Cards. Last season saw it become one of the most talked about shows of the year, with it impressing everyone up to the POTUS himself, Barack Obama. It is of course unfathomably brilliant, quickfire dialogue and deep scandalous intrigue morph to produce a gripping show, replete with a towering Kevin Spacey performance.

I was eager to dive back into the HoC world yet struggled through the first episode. I seemed to have lost the thread of most of the subplots and have vowed to rewatch the first season in order to get back up to speed. Needless to say, I shall steadfastly be avoiding the internet to reduce the chances of having it spoiled.

Inside No. 9.

This week saw Anthology show Inside No. 9 welcoming Game of Thrones‘ own Lord Varys, Conleth Hill. He played the worried colleague to Reece Shearsmith’s deluded, helpless supply teacher Tom. Badgered by polite homeless fellow Migg (Shearsmith’s writing partner Steve Pemberton), Tom begrudgingly lets Migg move in. He loses his job and his girlfriend and before long Migg has assimilated himself into Tom’s life, getting cleaned up, finding a job and paying the bills.

It’s another fine display of 30 minute storytelling, this and the previous two episodes have displayed Shearsmith and Pemberton’s innate ability to conjure intrigue and defy expectation. Their winding, elaborate jokes and deftly constructed narratives have paid off in all three episodes of the season and I’m delighted to have read that a second season is expected.

Add that to the list including Workaholics and Brooklyn Nine-Nine of shows that always live up to expectation week after week.

True Detective.

The fifth episode of HBO’s superlative cop drama puts this one in that list too. Another brilliant episode, another remixing of the shows DNA.

This time round we catch up with the shows flashback story and are brought into the present day. McConaughey continues to shine as more is uncovered about his shady Rust Cohle and Woody Harrelson’s Marty continues to watch as his family life deteriorates around him.

It’s innovative, intelligent and cinematic, still the best thing on TV.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Hang on, don’t leave! I can’t believe that I watched this show either but I had to. Kanye West is a hero of mine and I had to see him in action, being the great guy that he is, putting a ring on it, proposing to Kim Kardashian.

And in the end, well, it really wasn’t worth it. Kayne’s proposal was as brilliant and ostentatious as you could have imagined but I’ve seen most of that online. The rest of the show is clearly garbage. Really, far worse than I thought possible. Vacuous to the nth degree.

– Oliver Drew



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