Trailer Talk Tuesday 11/02/14

In an attempt to get into a more routine posting routine, I’m going to be starting regular weekly features based on alliteration and the names of the days. It doesn’t have to be that way, I’m just OCD about things of that nature. For now, I have Trailer Talk Tuesdays, then I get stumped. Thinkpiece Thursdays? Writing About Writing Wednesdays? Please, dear readers, help me out with any suggestions in the comments section and without further ado; Trailer Talk Tuesdays.

I’ll be using Apple’s Trailer area since it carries a large number of easy to view trailers in good quality and lots of titles I have not heard of before. However it does not support embedding which is unfortunate.

First, we have Jean Claude Van Damme starring action/comedy Welcome to the Jungle. My tolerance for bad films is triumphantly high and this looks awful in the perfect way. JCVD is one of those old school action heroes whom I idolised as a child and one of the few that has aged gracefully into a defiantly ungraceful self satire machine, one of the few to realise his own innate ridiculousness. Costarring Flight of the Conchord alumnus Kristen Schaal means we may even be gifted something to laugh with, rather than at.

Found footage movies are usually limp, generic and soulless. It’s a genre I steadfastly avoid. Lucky Bastard is then doubly interesting for not only being a decent looking film, but a decent looking found footage film. The plot follows Dave, who wins a competition in which a “lucky bastard” gets to make his own pro-shot porno with a real porn star. Obviously, things go awry and the lucky bastard turns out to be a lonely sociopath. Lead Jay Paulson already did a great job portraying Don Drapper’s sad sack brother in Mad Men and he looks equally believable in a similar role here. What excotes me about this film most is that it’s set during the day and features a human antagonist. Where most films of it’s ilk hide in the shadows using a supernatural and often invisible force to rifle scares, this has potential to be tangibly shocking and uniquely visceral. File next to excellent Ellen Page thriller Hard Candy.

I like when trailers don’t give anything away, it’s becoming evermore uncommon. The Broken Circle Breakdown seems to combine one of those “man meets woman, they have testing relationship” plotlines with a delightful slice of Americana. The lack of any name talent always excites me, I’ve not heard of the director or any of the leads and that means I can enter this one without a single preconception and the atmospheric, dialogue-less trailer only serves to amplify that openminded excitement.

Kevin Smith’s exploration of Deep South piety was scathing, intelligent and unexpected. the 2 minutes or so of Holy Ghost People‘s suggests similar ambition, albeit on a smaller scale perhaps. Then all the enigmatic dialogue-snippets and plot-explanations surrender to a clunky Hard Rock soundtrack and a montage of action and blood splatterings. Colour me initially excited and then a little turned off. Cautious, but not pessimistic.

– Oliver Drew

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