Our Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE!

Here it is!

Hello everyone! So we have launched our first Kickstarter campaign and right now we’re all very excited about what this could mean for us if the project is successfully funded.

The project, Echelon, is a science fiction short film series set in 2098 Britain. Financial depression has crippled the nation’s economy. Regions of the state have been auctioned off to the highest bidder; corporations and crime syndicates alike have seized this opportunity to take control of a desperate population.

To the west is Echelon; impoverished and corrupt. Controlled by a crime boss, known as The Count, Echelon is a ruined sector where the helpless are ignored and all hope has been stamped out.

Amidst all of this, two individuals seek their own retribution in an unjust world by confronting it head on.

If you’re interested in supporting our campaign (by donating or sharing the link – we’d greatly appreciate either!) then check it out at the above link. Every little bit of support helps us immensely, so if you can then please do!

Official casting and crew calls will be released soon but, until then, why not read this article for a little more detail!


Thanks for reading!

– Joe Aldous

joe sketch3






PR and Media Contact: Joe Aldous

Email: joe.aldous@y-creatives.co.uk

Website: www.y-creatives.co.uk


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