Trailer Talk Tuesday

In an attempt to get into a more routine posting routine, I’m going to be starting regular weekly features based on alliteration and the names of the days. It doesn’t have to be that way, I’m just OCD about things of that nature. For now, I have Trailer Talk Tuesdays, then I get stumped. Thinkpiece Thursdays? Writing About Writing Wednesdays? Please, dear readers, help me out with any suggestions in the comments section and without further ado; Trailer Talk Tuesdays.

I’ll be using Apple’s Trailer area since it carries a large number of easy to view trailers in good quality and lots of titles I have not heard of before. However it does not support embedding which is unfortunate.

First up, I notice a double dose of Kevin Costner headlined picks. Which is strange, I thought he traded his leading man badge in for grizzled vet supporting guys/Dad character a while back. Both look terribly middling, but he seems to be having fun nonetheless. 3 Minutes To Kill sees him dive into that newer genre the “midlife-crisis-actioner”, joining Liam Neeson and Nicolas Cage in that prestigious over-50’s club. It’s good to see new properties being pushed forward but when did it become that films of this nature are almost always given to old guys? While fit, young actors fight for franchise supremacy, all these roles go to this new, old generation of action heroes. Why have the 00’s and 10’s failed to fill the void left by the (young) Stallone/Schwarzenegger years?

Meanwhile Draft Day sees Costner as coach presiding over transfer day of a sport I really have no clue about, being a Brit. Sports films are almost always middling, sometimes a boxing picture fights out of that pattern but usually dramatised sport lends itself to cliche and predictability. I think both of these are a miss for me, 3 Minutes might get looked into if here’s ever a drought of better things to watch.

Following the genre du jour, Family entertainment has entered the Superhero realm. Antboy looks like it has completely stolen Spiderman‘s origin story and melded it to a Kickass-for-8-year-olds framework. My spider sense told me almost instantly that this would be derivative, childish stuff but pull quotes used in the trailer mark this as “charming” and the like, leaving me with mixed feelings. I might just give this a go come release time.

Finally a film that I’m actually very interested in. Child’s Pose is a Romanian thriller that follows the story of a meddling mother determined to absolve her son of the burden of having accidentally run over a child. I always find that watching unknown actors lends their likeness to a character more than with an A-lister and foreign film is certainly the place to go to find such performances. This looks to be an austere, involving journey pathed with twists and turns.

Last, and certainly least we’ve got more of Seth MacFarlane and his obnoxious brand of non-sequitur dependent “humour”. A Western, still burdened with MacFarlane’s signature brand of state-the-obvious comedy, a formula not messed with one iota to match it’s period setting. This looks hateful but I wouldn’t imagine I’m the target audience. Let’s hope it flops and MacFarane goes away.

– Oliver Drew

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