So much praise has been heaped on Alfonso Cuarón and his dizzying, adrenaline pumping Gravity that formulating a review is somewhat hard. Finding something new to add or even being contrarian is quite difficult.

It’s sublime in its conception being almost suffocating in places. It’s a fully immersive experience. I guess if I were to be contrarian, my criticisms would be aimed at the very nature of the film itself. There is certainly nothing Alfred Hitchcock would identify with here, and I’m confused as to how the film was conceived. How much is CGI? How much is real? Where does the line blur between film and animation, narrative and theme park ride?

I do wish there was more meat on the bones of the film, but due to the scenario Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is thrust into, I suppose that would be hard to achieve. If you take a similar film, Robert Zemeckis’ Castaway for instance, you really get to know Tom Hanks’ character so his survival is all the more important to you. But his survival hinges on carrying on as opposed to Stone and the need for upmost urgency.

Maybe if her character were an amateur poet, she’d have something more poignant to say at the face of almost unavoidable demise than barking like a dog. For all my technological ignorance and narrative disappointment, I’m thoroughly excited by the thought of a home release and some in-depth making of documentaries. Maybe shedding some light on the process will help me see this film akin to something more than watching someone else play a video game.

– Oliver Drew

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    • I do have admit I watched this at home rather than the cinema and as such may have missed some of its scale but I can just see a tag line on a poster reading: “No real leaps in storytelling, one quite large step for SFX.”

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