Oliver Drew’s Top Ten Films Countdown



Starting tomorrow, we’ll be shedding light on each of (Y) Collaborator Oliver Drew’s top ten favourite films. More info after the jump!

I’ve chosen to write a few words about each of my ten favourite films. They will be shared in no particular order (although the first will be my definitive favourite film ever) and will release one a day until the 15th of January.

There are two from the 1970’s, three from the 1980’s, one from the 1990’s, two from the 2000’s and two from the 2010’s. My foreign credentials are low with two Brit films and 8 being American. Genre-wise it runs the gamut from straight up drama through war film, psychological Horror, body Horror, Comedy, Prison movie and more. All bar one are linked by the fact that they are the genesis of the auteur in however true a sense you believe that theory. Only one director appears twice.

What links them without exception though is the way they have wholeheartedly shaped my view of the world, of art and how I myself approach the construction of a film. Each one is irrevocably attached to me as a person and an artist. Simply put I would not be me without the influence of these ten amazing movies.

– Oliver Drew.

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