5 Things I watched this year that made me go “Wow”: Inception (2010)

Inception-Wallpaper-inception-2010-12396931-1440-9001This year I signed up for Netflix, became intimately familiar with the movies section in iTunes, and generally became a bit reckless with my spending. As a result, I have watched a lot of films and television series over the course of twelve months; some bad (most bad) and some good. Then there are those that made me go… Wait for it… “wow”.

So for the remainder of the year, I thought I’d share with you my five most favourite viewing experiences. Bear in mind that a few of these weren’t released this year, but instead I watched them this year and therefore warrant placement on the list. Anyway, without further ado, coming in at number 2 is the mind-blowing, Inception (2010).

That’s right, I said mind-blowing, and I damn well believe that it is of no exaggeration when I say this. You see, there’s nothing better than a movie that makes you really think; that makes you question what you just watched; that makes you formulate your own ideas, and Christopher Nolan did this by all accounts.

For those who don’t know, Inception is the story of a group of specialists who infiltrate the dreams of a man in order to plant an idea in their head, and it is within the synopsis that I think we can all see the real ending to the film: LEO IS NOT DREAMING. Goddammit, I refuse to accept that. Why? Because the whole film is about a bunch of people putting specific pieces of information into a person’s mind in order to have them generate a preconceived idea in a way that the dreamer thinks they conceived it. So, when you treat everything you see in the film as the information, it’s really up to the viewer how it ends, for they are the dreamer, generating this idea… And I will not let Leo die!


I’m sorry, I just had to get that out of my system, for you see, the fact that I am so unnecessarily irate when I discuss my interpretation of how the film ended tells me enough about it. It tells me that this film moved me, and I feel empowered because of it, and that is a very good thing to achieve.

– Joe Aldous

joe sketch3





P.S. I’d like to give a honourable mention to Hans Zimmer too, because this was definitely the soundtrack of the year… 2010… 2013 for me, though!


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