An Oliver Drew Retrospective – (Y): 1 Month On

I’m kind of hoping that by now we have a die hard following, those of you who read each and every post we post, lapping it up as soon as it airs. Now this is both something that is hard to gauge and possibly hard to perceive at this early juncture in our journey. It has been a month since this Blog became operational and I suddenly found myself writing down almost every film related thought I’ve been having. After the break, a breakdown of all of the things I’ve written about for those of you looking to catch up or re-read. Enjoy!

Only God Forgives (Refn – 2013)

November 12th.

A review on Nicolas Winding Refn’s crowd-splitter.

Taxi Driver (1976) and The Auteur Theory

November 14th.

A look at the “Auteur” Theory using Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver as a case study.

Noah (2014) Trailer Thoughts

November 14th.

A critical look at the trailer fro Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming Noah and what I’m expecting from said picture.

John Carter (2012)

November 16th.

A review of 2012’s monster Box Office bomb, John Carter.

Cronos (1993)

November 19th.

A review of Guillermo del Toro’s seminal vampire flick and feature debut, Cronos.

Videodrome (1983)

November 21st.

Less of a review and more of a pseudo-rhetoricalsoul search into (Y) and our core values brought on by the viewing of Videodrome and the questions it raised for me.

An Introduction To My Cinematic Universe

November 29th.

A look into the conception of my first feature length script One For Sorrow.

Musical Influence. Part 1. Metal

December 1st.

A discussion on how the music of the Metal world shapes me as a writer and how it informs everything I write.

Musical Influence. Part 2. Hip-Hop

December 2nd.

As with the previous article, thoughts on Hip-Hop and how it influences all I do.


December 4th.

A look at the cyclical nature of the Horror genre and how One For Sorrow intends to alter that paradigm.

Oliver Drew vs. Michael Bay vs. The Truth.

December 5th.

A review not only of the movie Pain & Gain, but also a review of the practice and importance of “truth” in films “based on a true story” and the ethical obligations of every filmmaker.

Video Store: The Early Days

December 6th.

A look into my childhood and the delights picked up at the video store and how they shaped me as an artist.

A Brief History of The Vampire and His Many Cinematic Representations.

December 7th.

A look into how Vampires have been portrayed over the years and where me and my Vampire film One For Sorrow fit into that pantheon.

It’s been a long, exhausting month setting up here at (Y) and it’s only going to get more hectic as we reach the New Year and the pending birth of our official website. I hope you are all excited as the team and myself are for things to come.

– Oliver Drew

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